Writing Critique Workshop
with Suze Allen​

6-8 pm EST
3-5 PST
6 Week Class

Manuscript Mentor’s Writing Critique Workshop provides serious writers with invaluable in-depth, thought provoking and insightful feedback from writer, playwright, editor, and writing coach Suze Allen as well as 5 other seasoned writers who are working on second, third, fourth or final drafts.

Designed to help you find the heart of your work and hone your writer’s voice so your short story, novel, memoir, essay, blog, play is clear, vibrant, and sharp. Respectful critique guidelines are followed. Writing is a lonely business, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Silence the inner critic, say what you want to say and enjoy the perspective and company of other writers. You’ll have some fun as well.


Contact Suze for Schedule 207.205.0636 or manuscriptmentor@gmail.com