All In Workshop

Two 2-hour Sessions

7-9pm EST

Are you craving exquisitely human, person to person interactions that really matter? Do you want all in communication where you ditch your distractions and dive into a rich space where body language, breath, laughter, tears and energetic exchanges are the primary conduits for understanding one another? This workshop will help you to dig into your truth, follow your gut instincts and interact with people in a lively, compassionate and truly connected way that makes you feel alive and different. We’ll also work with you to unearth the buried treasures of your instincts and access the feelings you’ve stuffed down so you can navigate difficult but necessary conversations you need to have to experience intimacy and a deeper connection in all of your relationships.

So, join us and practice staying in ~ All In ~ so you can See and Be Seen ~ Listen and Be Heard ~Know and Be Known. You’ll find these tools through improvisation, exercises on being present, accessing the real you, utilizing the power of silence, reading body language, active listening, transformative talking, writing and role playing. 


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Memoir Writing

Thursdays 1-3:30pm PST
6 Week Classes

Shared Stories lift us up, teach us important lessons and let us know we aren’t alone in our journey. If you are working on bringing your life
story to the page, this class provides a safe space to read and get constructive coaching from Suze and feedback from your classmates.

Classes Include:

3 hours / 6-Weeks

Thursdays / 1-4 PST

Contact Suze for Schedule 207.205.0636 or

Writing Through Grief & Sorrow

Mondays 2-3:30pm PST
4 Week Sessions

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. Maya Angelou

Being alive means riding a wide swath of emotions. Sometimes you scale heights of elation; while other times you fall into dark, rough waters. Growing up near the ocean, I was taught to go with the rip tide, not to swim against it. If you fight the fierce pull, you become too fatigued to hold your head above water and you drown. The strong currents of Grief and Sorrow roil you around in dark seas until you can’t tell the surface from the bottom of the sea. Don’t sink to the depths of your despair. Send up an SOS.

“You know what happened to me???”

Grief needs a voice. Just like it needs silence and reflection and stillness. Just like it needs the gray, slogging along, each step heavy, each movement stiff, and absence of color. Difficult times rise and fall. That’s the way it is. But you can begin to release your pain through expression.

There are certain times when it is imperative that we give credence to and pay extra attention to this sorrow filled journey we are on; allowing ourselves to go through the motions until meaning shows up. 

Writing is a simple and accessible way to explore your feelings of grief and sorrow; to name it, using pen, pencil, paper, journal, notebook, computer, tape recorder – whatever you need to let the words and feelings flow. Shifting your sorrow through story allows for relief and healing. Your writing road to healing can inspire someone else and something newsome new thought or possibility, a new awareness or desire or commitment. Sometimes, once witnessed, the pain and sorrow shift–ever so slightly to make room for a seed of joy. 

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. Joseph Campbell

Through writing prompts, exercises, honest discussions and bearing witness; Suze holds space for your expressions of grief and sorrow. 


5 6:30pm EDT / 2:003:30pm PDT

4  90minutes Sessions $100.00 

Private Sessions Available

1.5 hours / 4 Weeks

Mondays / 2-3:30 PST

Contact Suze for Schedule 207.205.0636 or

Playwrights Lab

Tuesdays 1-4pm PST
Rolling Enrollment

Writing for the Stage Workshops for Beginning to Advanced Playwrights with Playwright, Director and Dramaturg Suze Allen

Whether you want to get your play out of your head and onto the page or you need support in finishing or refining your full–length play, Playwright’s Lab Workshops are for you. These workshops for beginning to advanced playwrights concentrate on:

Finding the heart of your play

Solidifying your premise

Writing sharper and energized dialogue

Weaving the psychological, emotional and physical action of your piece into the fabric of your central character’s journey

What to expect:

A safe but constructive environment where you can improve your play

Writing exercises that will illuminate your work

Consistent scene readings during class

Editing and feedback by the instructor

Classmate critiques

This lab is a must for writers in the process of completing larger works. Private instruction and Dramaturgy also available

Email Suze for Dates, Times & Fees –

3 Hours /  ongoing

Tuesdays /  1-4 PST

Contact Suze for Schedule 207.205.0636 or

Suze Allen


Suze Allen is a published author, produced playwright, teacher, dramaturg, and director with credits on both coasts and an accomplished theatre professional with over 35 years of experience.

Suze is the founder of Manuscript Mentor, and works as a writing coach, ghost writer, and editor and LiveWriteNow, which offers life coaching through a writing modality.

Suze is co-founder of 3Girls Theatre, where she started GirlWrights, which gives a voice to young women and taught the 3GT Theatre Lab Workshops. Suze was playwright in residence at Balboa High School in San Francisco for 3 years. Her plays have been on stage at Dramatists Guild’s SF Footlights, Tides Theatre, Brava Theatre, The Marsh, Intersection for the Arts, Noh Space, The Phoenix, OutNorth Contemporary Art House in Anchorage, Alaska and The SF and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. For the last 7 years, Suze served as the Bay Area Representative for Dramatists Guild. She has been teaching all levels of playwriting for 25 years.

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