Who We Are

Suze Allen is an author, copywriter, editor, writing coach, and teacher. As a staff writer for Interaction Associates, a 40-year-old, nationwide business consulting firm, she generated articles on current business trends like, “People, Profit, and Planet”, employee engagement and higher purpose companies. Suze has shown her skill at interpreting science and business and turning raw data into succinct, clear and accessible text for such corporations as Carbon Diversion Inc., a leader in the sustainable BioFuel industry ,Mantria Industries, and EternaGreen University.

She also produces excellent readable materials in the non-fiction, self-help genre. As writing assistant to Dr. Cassandra Vieten for her publisher proposal and subsequent book, Mindful Motherhood: Practical Tools for Staying Sane During Your Pregnancy and Your Baby’s First Year (published by New Harbinger and Noetics Books), and in her own book, The Time-Starved Women’s Guide to Emotional Wellbeing: Tools and Strategies for Balance with Dr. SD Shanti, Suze gives a personal voice to subjects close to the heart for many women.

Suze is an inspiring project manager who effectively manages multiple projects and meets deadlines. She excels at working with diverse groups of people; from executives, to community groups, to school administrations and parents. Her skills as an interviewer and creative problem solver make Suze an asset to any client in need of project proposals, fundraising narratives, Power Point presentations, press releases, or scripts for PSA’s.

As a playwright and director, Suze’s work has been on stages in Portland, Maine, San Francisco, Boston, Anchorage, Alaska, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

She is the creator of The Maine Playwrights’ Lab and Short Works Festival, Fresh! New Works San Francisco, and the SF Writers and Actors Lab. Suze is the Resident Dramaturge for The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco, where she also teaches playwrighting. Her dramaturgy clients have had their plays produced all over the country.

Suze writes for sfkids.org, teaches Mama-logues – Writing Workouts to Keep Mama Sane, Centered and Creative and is a member of The Mamas Resource Network.