the word of the day is ansa

by Suze Allen 9/2022

the word of the day is ansa

when the rings of Saturn

look like handles

from earth or a certain space craft

makes me want to hold the planet like a pocketbook

swing it around

all its wisdom, discipline and karma shaken up



with the lint and old chewing gum half unwrapped

gritty with the dust of the days

bits of paper


about what I gotta do every day from dawn to dusk

for weeks now far off in my rearview mirror

I’d rather think about King Saturn’s mythical reign

golden with abundance and peace

so, I tuck it in my billfold

surrounded by the detritus of ups and downs

to spend for another time

it’s Saturday also named for the God

I fling my resolve to the cracked dry air

frosty with mourning and

take a walk in the crunchy yet resplendent woods

if I threw Saturn in the ocean it would float.

that’s what they tell me

hydrogen and helium

together is perfect harmony

I suck it up

my voice several octaves higher as I scream

if a woman screams in the woods

and no one hears her

did she really?

yes, because she heard herself with her own two ears

and her sloppy swollen heart

my heart

my ears

I was listening

it’s gonna be a day

and there’s a word for it

and all the entails