Many self-help protocols say, “love yourself.” But when someone is One with everything (is that not the goal?) there is no self so who is writing or speaking? With Suze, EVERYTHING good is possible for EVERYONE. She knows no bounds but embraces her charges carefully, listening to how each person wishes to express themselves in the deepest way. And, she laughs a lot as we go along together. Sarah P

I had a brilliant coaching session with Suze when I was feeling burnt out. She listened to me with an open heart and creative mind. She asked crucial thought-provoking questions to gently guide me to the root of my challenges in work/ life balance. She inspired me to really follow through with the action steps we formulated. As a result, my energy and productivity increased, and I felt more at peace. Nil D

Dramaturgy and Story Structure Testimonial: Suze has excellent insight into every aspect of dramatic writing; story construction, character development, dialogue, and staging to name a few. In addition to her knowledge, she also has a thoughtful and supportive demeanor that makes learning from her an effortless and pleasurable process. Stephen B

Suze Allen of Manuscript Mentor is a proven quality when it comes to creating and editing works of others. She is enthusiastic and so good at finding the focus and direction that writers, of any experience, always need. She has worked with my plays as a dramaturge and I’ve been amazed at her insight into my work. I have watched her work on various pieces while we were producing FRESH NEW WORKS and the writers always benefited from her clear editing process. Playwriting, Essays, Fiction and Non-Fiction are all in her areas of expertise. -Lee Brady, Playwright and Professor of Creative Writing

Suze Allen has been instrumental in my writing career. She is a great, wise and wonderful teacher. As a dramaturge she has the capacity to lead the writer on deeper explorations of emotional truth all the while holding structure as holy. This, my friend, is a gift. I can’t say enough. I’m always grateful to have Suze walking by my side with her machete in hand when I’m deep in the wild and wonderful jungle of my creativity. -Karmo Sanders, Playwright

Suze is not only a wonderful writer herself, she offered keen insights into my writing, too. With her guidance on rewriting my script, I was able to get my short play produced in New York .-Patricia Milton , Playwright

Suze brought order to the chaos of my mind, helping to streamline a mass of thoughts and ideas into a cohesive body of knowledge and information that eventually became the text of my website. In the course of it she also served as my cheerleader, gently guiding my voice to a more marketable sound, replacing hidden insecurities with self-confident statements. I’m forever grateful! www.herbalallies.com -Julia Goerlitz owner Herbal Allies

Suze Allen is a gifted writer and a keen-eyed editor. As someone who tends to write a bit didactically, Suze helped me punch things up and make my writing more engaging and accessible for a mass audience. Suze is fun to work with, and helped me stretch, not only as a writer but conceptually as well. The book proposal she helped with was picked up by a publisher. -Cassandra Vieten, PhD, Research Psychologist and Author “Mindful Motherhood”

Suze Allen is a remarkable dramauturge, director
and actress. If you are serious about your craft, I can’t stress enough, how happy you will be to have Suze dramaturge your work I have worked with Suze for many years, and all of my plays are much the better for it. She’s the Business! -Lynne Cullen Playwright

I really enjoyed working with Suze in her playwriting lab. She has a great ear for structure and dialog, and even when she hears something for the first time is able to offer unique insights into the work. An added bonus is that she’s a talented actress. Her reading of scenes aloud would often illuminate aspects of characters that even the playwright didn’t see.-Nina Solomita, MFA Professional Writing Services www.ninasolomita.com

Suze Allen’s skills in dramaturgy have been extraordinary in helping me become a serious playwright. Her laser beam focus in identifying what works, what doesn’t and what can be further developed is enormously efficient. Now, I’m learning even more from her superb skills as a director. -Richard Fouts Playwright

Suze is great!  I had her as a writing coach.  She gave me the structure to stick with my writing, and encouragement that kept me going.  She helps you figure out where you are stuck and ways to work with that.  It was also really nice to have someone to share my work with in a safe space…just to get used to sharing.  I highly recommend Suze. -Kristin Wiederholt Cannonball Coaching

Suze is wonderful to work with. She took my writing to a level I didn’t know I possessed. She’s easy to work with and very creative. She’s insightful and intuitive about your project. She just knows and she cares about what you’re aspiring to accomplish with your project. You will love working with her.-Tamara Shiloh Children’s Book Author