Opaque by suze allen


couldn’t see through

for so long

so long

you have no idea

fell headlong through the ice

cut up


gasping for air

but then

hell fire and brimstone

airless going

commando crawling

finding pockets of life

no camouflage

scorched wretched

seven years

hacking gasping clawing

thrashing clutching releasing

then one day the freeze melted

the fire went out

but not until

they worked together somehow

til I was rewelded

into this self

this incarnation

where I spend my days

and nights

flying through the cosmos

holding the hands of brilliant

kaleidoscopic stars


no time trap

I have a blacksmith friend

I watched him do

what he does

his alchemy

iron rod

long thick unyielding

and the inferno and the air and

the melting and the hammers

each fashioned by his own

hand for the creation

he envisions

this solid metal

is transformed

to a delicate leaf

because he does not stop

the fire gives

the iron the will

to bend and evolve

and I think

that’s me

the constant slamming

and sledging

the heat of hell

did not break me

I bent

I went with it

and the world as I see it

no longer opaque

but translucent


and my place in it

has never been as