Memoir Church March: nol Putnam

March 6
nol Putnam

Nol Putnam, our featured author, has been an Artist-Blacksmith since 1973. He was born in Boston, MA in 1934 and garnered an education in various places: Trinity, Harvard, UMass, School of Ed as well as 3 years of active service in the US Army.

Before smithing, Nol was a Senior High history teacher, 1959-1972 and director/advisor to First Americans Scholarship Program, under A Better Chance, Boston, MA, 1962-1972.

In his own words: “I have dabbled in various jobs through the years: Estate manager, tree lot overseer, oil field roustabout and 18 wheel truck driver, horseback riding instructor, education revolutionary, writer, dancer, gardener/farmer, traveler, husband, father, and several more that I have repressed…”

Nol is reading 3 pieces from his memoir, “Learning to ”: The Old Woman, The Richelieu, My Journey

Nol resides in Virginia with his dog, Jack, and has two books “Beauty in the Shadows: Wrought Iron in the Washington National Cathedral” Blue Moon Press, 2014

“Lines in Space: Journey in Smithing” Blue Moon Press, 2010

Nol is reading 3 pieces: The Old Woman, The Richelieu, My Journey from his memoir, “Learning to ”