First Bite for Playwrights

First Tuesday Monthly
Noon-12:45 PST

Suze Allen talks with fascinating playwrights, actors read a short scene, and everyone has a short Q&A.

Taste the drama, Tuesday at Noon: First Bite!

Big August Happenings

Some1Speaking Monday, August 1st at 6 – 7pm EDT Suze Allen directs 5 monologues for this wonderful and eclectic programon the first Monday of every

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A Rushing Pantoum

Always rushed.Can I have a cuddle?There is no time for a cuddle now.Stop pounding on your brother.Can I have a cuddle?Where are my car keys?!?Stop

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Unadulterated suze allen You peddle like crazy on the rutted dirt road to your cousins’ house Throw your bicycle down On the green-brown mud grass

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