Do You Know What Happened To Me?

Outside Voices Everybody Be Heard – Loud & Clear!

Manuscript Mentor is launching a flash mob and zoom room memoir monologue theatre that illuminates dark and difficult stories of struggle and triumph. These authentic “I” person stories will be shared in real world venues with the intent to carry the human spirit forward in safe and equitable spaces, which foster understanding and empathy, combat taboos, shame and loneliness and weave a loving web of interconnected human experiences.

The first theme is Abortion Stories and the importance of a woman’s inalienable right to govern her own body – all of it – and make choices – for ANY reason she damn well pleases that do not need to be defended or explained. What happened to you?

Future Themes

Destigmatizing Mental Illness – Suicide and Depression Stories

The Worst Thing that Ever Happened to Me and How I Survived Stories

Who I Am! Gender Stories

Injustice Stories

Growing Old Stories

Living with Illness and Disability Stories

Addiction Stories

Non-Traditional Family Stories

Divorce and Break up Stories

Pregnancy and Miscarriage Stories

Dark Night of the Soul Stories

Please submit your stories and let us know if you’d like to tell it out
right or anonymously. You will own your words, your story and your
experience. We request permission to work with you and offer
dramaturgical advice in order to streamline your story to make it the
most succinct and impactful.