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Can’t you just feel them tugging on your sleeve, on your heart? Your memories are right there, ripe for the picking. So come on, do it! Write the story of you. Love yourself more. Understand yourself better. Express your deepest self without fear or judgement.

Writing your life has so many healthful benefits. Chronicling your memories helps to make sense of your lived experience; get a handle on the choices you made or what you didn’t choose that happened to you anyway. Release shame and regret. Gain new perspectives. Grow your soul. Work through difficult emotions or relationships on the safe surface of the page. Shared stories grow empathy, compassion, kindness for yourself and for others.

Your stories are vital, just as you are vital. And your narrative is completely your own. Whether you want to share these with your family, publish a memoir or keep the writing for self-exploration, you’ll discover new inner landscapes, document significant memories of people, pets and places and relive the joys and sorrows of your life on this planet. The examined life promotes your evolution, deepens your humanity and sense of belonging.

So yeah, sign up for Memoir Writing for Beginners and get started. It’s reflective, fun, and fulfilling. Suze will help you with in class writing prompts, mini-inspirational lectures on writing process, style, format and expression. You’ll receive constructive and respectful feedback and guidance as well as access to creative and practical resources. You know you want to…

Classes Include:

90 minutes/ 4-Weeks

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