All In

All In Workshop

Two 2-hour Sessions

7-9pm EST

Are you craving exquisitely human, person to person interactions that really matter? Do you want all in communication where you ditch your distractions and dive into a rich space where body language, breath, laughter, tears and energetic exchanges are the primary conduits for understanding one another? This workshop will help you to dig into your truth, follow your gut instincts and interact with people in a lively, compassionate and truly connected way that makes you feel alive and different. We’ll also work with you to unearth the buried treasures of your instincts and access the feelings you’ve stuffed down so you can navigate difficult but necessary conversations you need to have to experience intimacy and a deeper connection in all of your relationships.

So, join us and practice staying in ~ All In ~ so you can See and Be Seen ~ Listen and Be Heard ~Know and Be Known. You’ll find these tools through improvisation, exercises on being present, accessing the real you, utilizing the power of silence, reading body language, active listening, transformative talking, writing and role playing. 


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