All In

for Authentic Communication and Creating Community


Are you craving exquisitely human, person to person interactions that really matter? Do you want all in communication where you ditch your distractions and dive into a rich space where body language, breath, laughter, tears and energetic exchanges are the primary conduits for understanding one another? This workshop will help you to dig into your truth, follow your gut instincts and interact with people in a lively, compassionate and truly connected way that makes you feel alive and different. We’ll also work with you to unearth the buried treasures of your instincts and access the feelings you’ve stuffed down so you can navigate difficult but necessary conversations you need to have to experience intimacy and a deeper connection in all of your relationships. 




So, join us and practice staying in ~ All In ~ so you can See and Be Seen ~ Listen and Be Heard ~Know and Be Known. You’ll find these tools through improvisation, exercises on being present, accessing the real you, utilizing the power of silence, reading body language, active listening, transformative talking, writing and role playing. 

Two 2-hour sessions ~ March 14 & 21~ 7-9pm EST
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taught by Suze Allen and Lisa Stathoplos

After receiving her BA in Theatre Arts at Orono, Lisa Stathoplos spent a lifetime onstage as a professional actor (SAG-AFTRA) as well as a Voice Artist for She also holds her 282 certificate from the state of Maine as a Teacher of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities earning her degree from UMaine/Farmington. She has studied extensively with internationally renowned psychiatrist and author, Dr. Ross Greene ( in his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model. She embedded much of his teaching along with her own personal style into her successful program, MANTA, at York High School in York, Maine where she taught and case managed for many years. With a Certificate in Transformative Mediation, Lisa worked with Youth Alternatives/Portland, Maine assisting youth and families in conflict resolution and is currently doing graduate work towards a further Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Colorado State University.

Lisa trained multiple times with The Restorative Justice Project of Belfast, Maine and earned a Certificate in Foundations of Restorative Practices. 
Recently, Lisa wrote and published her first memoir, Make Me, telling the story of how she became her authentic self, and is at work on “Part Two” of her life in a second book, Chimera/A Shapeshifter’s Journey. In this, she shares stories and insights from her work as an educator working with students who struggle with emotional and behavioral disabilities as well as her own personal connection to issues of mental health, addiction and education. Chimera is due out this year.

Suze Allen is the founder of Manuscript Mentor where she works with writers and folks who want to become writers. She is also a theatre professional, dramaturg, playwright, director and sometimes actor and an instructor. Suze teaches workshops and classes in memoir writing, authentic communication, climbing into your authentic self, playwriting, writing through grief and sorrow and coaches writers and anyone who needs support within significant transitions and transformations.

She has many clients, working in varied genres, who she assists in conceptual editing and bringing their books to fruition. Suze is an author, poet and writer. She has training in transformative mediation, accessing your quantum powers, improvisation, theatre arts and administration and has worked as a mentor in the juvenile justice system.

She created GirlWrights, a playwriting program for underserved communities that gives young women a voice, for 3Girls Theatre in San Francisco, a theatre she co-founded 10 years ago. Suze has also been both an elementary and high school teacher. She was the Dramatists Guild of America’s Bay Area representative for 7 years.

Her plays have been seen all over the US, from Alaska to California to Maine and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Suze ran two studios for actors, writers and creators: Iambes Bones in Union Square in San Francisco and amma studio in Monument Square in Portland, Maine, where she originated the Short Play Festival with Michael Levine. Suze’s book with SD Shanti, “The Time-Starved Woman’s Guide to Emotional Wellbeing – Tools and Strategies for Balance” is on amazon and at thrift books.