7.22.2023 Deep Dive Saturday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

Suze Muses

The air is wet. Dripping wet. I live in a camper on land but the atmosphere inside this tin beauty is reminiscent of a sea-going vessel soaked from high swells and intermittent squalls. My bedding is damp, the couch cushions are moist, all my towels feel like they have already dried me off from multiple showers, my clothes are sticky, hard to put on, my dishes are… well, you get it. I am uncomfortable and rankled. I am scritchy and insufficient. And it isn’t just the swampy weather. I am betwixt and between. Transition is difficult for me and I have set my life up to be very transitory. Go figure. After much sighing and flopping about last night, I remembered I had choices and autonomy and I could take action; I could go somewhere guaranteed to raise my spirits. The dogs and I hopped into the Rogue and headed to the ocean, the magnificent Atlantic, where our hearts settled into happy rhythms as we ran on Short Sands Beach. The sand and sea leading to the endless horizon expanded my heart. The vastness shrunk my ego, banished my cares and refocused my perspective. As I drove home, being wet was how life should be.

Back in the camper, the thunder and lightning crashed and the rain beat steadily on my metal roof, making the dogs scared and crazy. The storm was a crescendo to my moody day. Despite the cacophony we all managed to sink into our respective beds and sleep. This morning even before making coffee, I was back behind the wheel of the Rogue, doggies in tow, driving back to the beach. We practically had Short Sands to ourselves and parking was free until 8am. I snapped Lula and Esme’s leashes off and let them run free. They made fast friends with a 22-month-old doodle looking pooch named Rook and chased each other all around. Esmeralda found her youthful pep in her step and Lula raced hither and yon. I walked fast behind them and then went swimming. Baptized in the salty brine, tossed about by the waves, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. All was well with the world. And it still is. As I write this, a doe eats the grass outside my camper window, Esme sleeps on my feet and Lula is curled up on my lap. Fresh joe with half and half fills my perfect coffee cup and I am writing. Oh, I’m still soaked from soupy air and ocean wet hair but am completely settled in my solid bones.

Deep Dive Saturday Writing Prompt ~ What throws you off kilter or drives you crazy in your life? How do you get your equilibrium back?