7.18.2023~ Too Real Tuesday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

Suze Muses

Port Clyde is a tiny seaside town in the midcoast of Maine. My friend Pamla has a home there that has been in her family for over a hundred years. The Ladies Who Lunch, our merry band of 6 women ( used to be 7 but our beloved Janny died 2 years ago) who met primarily through the theatre over 30 years ago, all got together on Sunday for a rare and glorious 2 night/3-day visit. Hilarity ensued. As did tears and burst of joy. We talked and talked and talked and listened and listened and listened. The familiarity and the knowing and the respect and admiration and deep love for each other enveloped us all and I felt buoyed up, seen, safe and adored. None of us is getting any younger. As the last day came to a close, we all looked at each other around the big round table on the porch, really looked in each other’s eyes and expressed our heart’s fullness at being together through thick and thin and reiterated just how much we meant to each other. In that closing circle we knew that we knew nothing about the coming days and weeks and years may hold but we had that moment, that now and the richness and sublime beauty of it in our hearts forever.

Too Real Tuesday Writing Prompt ~ Write about something, someone, some time that swelled your heart and created a delicious memory.