6.29.2023 ~ Gratitude Thursday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

Suze Muses

Today as I prep for my Memoir Writing Class  https://manuscriptmentor.com/memoir/ I want to shout from the rooftops that I am grateful for my life’s work. I know it sounds lofty to use the phrase, “life’s work” but it is my truth. I am a writer, playwright, editor, writing coach, writing instructor and theatre professional. Words and theatre have always helped me to find my way, make sense of things, connect me and buoy me up. Contemplation, inspiration, examination, communication, interpretation, elucidation,  and immediacy are gifts I open every day. I am thankful for the yumminess of words and self-expression. I appreciate that I have found my voice and continue to explore, evolve and elevate myself through words. Shared stories on the page and on the stage fill me with all the feels. So, I will say it again. I am grateful for my life’s work!

The Pulitzer prize winning poet Stephen Dunn said: “I think one of my early motivations for writing was that other people’s versions of experience didn’t gel with my own. It was a gesture toward sanity to try to get the world right for myself. I’ve since learned that if you get it right for yourself, it often has resonance for others.”

“[…] we live in words, and with words. I feel like every encounter with language has the potential to be poetry. Poetry is not only on the page; it’s also the work that we do to challenge language.” Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, Executive Director and President of the Poetry Foundation

Gratitude Thursday Writing Prompt~ Write about finding your voice, finding your purpose. How did you, do you, can you? Who helped you, mentored you, supported you?