6.24.2023 ~ Deep Dive Saturday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

Suze Muses

Why are we here? On the planet? What for? I mean, for real, why? Every so often I run up against those questions, hard. Ouch. I do not like the set up here; it does not make sense to me. This work hard, struggle, find pockets of joy and die seems relentless and harsh. Not a lot of fun really. And why do some people have horrific existences and others a walk in the park? Seems cruel. Then there’s the whole, when will you die mystery. That unknowing plagues me – not for myself but for who I will lose, who will leave me behind. We’re all just waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it is a giant sized, steel toed work boot! I had 2 big losses recently – one just yesterday. Grief brings up the existential angst. Also, I usually feel this, “whatever!” way when I am off course, disconnected from nature and awe. Or when I am in transition, which I am. I am going from San Francisco to Maine this summer and will live there until the October 1st. One foot in front of the other. Clippy Clop. Clippy Clop. “What’s it all about, Alfie?” I know the big questions aren’t necessarily bad ones to ask. They can put you back on your path. Make you dive into your purpose. Go from “me” to “we.” 

Deep Dive Saturday Writing Prompt ~ What do you think it all means? Do you like it here? Does the set-up work for you? If not dream in a different world. What would it look like, feel like, smell like, sound like, taste like?