5.23.2023~ Too Real Tuesday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

Suze Muses

Damp, cold, foggy – 3 descriptions of the weather that do not thrill me. I am always astonished that some people moved to the Bay Area for this very climate. When I moved here in 1993, it was sunny a lot. I loved it. I had no idea the brilliant weather came to us by way of severe drought. You might say I was lured to San Francisco under false pretenses or my own ignorance. I crave light during the day – bright light. Gray is my least favorite color; it makes me feel dull and uninspired. Now, if I didn’t have to write, create and get work done, I’d love these days for curling up with my dogs and a good book or snuggling up for a midday movie. I work from home. My office is in my bedroom. My oh so cozy bed is very seductive. On wet windy days it beckons me to climb back under the down comforter and mountain of pillows. I haven’t been prone and happy since 5:30am. I fight the urge to give into my urges. The Buddha said that real suffering comes from saying, thinking, “This shouldn’t be this way.”  I do not like to suffer so I must find ways to be in the discontent and then get my work done. I have a similar struggle with time as well. I used to constantly say, “Time is not my friend.” Well, that was not helpful. I decided to make friends with time. I started with “I’ve got time. I’ve got plenty of time.” Graduated to “Time is on my side.” Arrived at “Time is just a construct.” I learned to expand my sense of time and to forge a new relationship with it. I haven’t found a way to end my suffering over the endless string of days lacking light and warmth from the sun. Not sure how to make friends with this feeling except to throw myself in the Bay and swim.

Too Real Tuesday Writing Prompt ~ What causes you suffering? Write it out. Every last detail until you exhaust the topic. Write the what, the how, the where, the who, the when, the why.