5.11.2023 ~ Gratitude Thursday Writing Prompt ~ The Power of Purposeful Writing ~ Daily Writing Prompts~ Writing Practice for Balance and Creativity

My quiet yet busy mornings are a continuous delight to me. My California king size bed is warm and cozy with an overflow of pillows (so many pillows), 2 luscious quilts and a fat down comforter. And now, to boot, there is a 6-month-old puppy all curled up next to me. Today there is a sunrise not enshrouded with fog, so the yellow orange light dances down my hallway and fills me with wonder and expansiveness. My eyes drink it in and my mind frolics in all the possibilities of the day. I worship the sun. My body is primed from good sleep, which I never take for granted after 6 years of menopausal insomnia, and I stretch my legs, wiggle my toes and take a deep breath. Then I tune more into this tiny pup pressed up against my chest, warm from the intertwining of fur and blankets and our combined body heat and my beating heart grows another whole size. Her puppy smell tickles my nose. As I sit up to pull on my clothes, Lula Mae dances next to me on the bed, knowing we are headed outside so she can do her business. It’s then that I hear my next delight lumbering over to my side of the bed, her tags clinking slightly. It’s my big black furry border collie mix, my Esmeralda with the deep brown eyes. She nudges in for a pet and a snuggle. She’s 13 and my heart walking outside of my body. Esme has seen me through thick and very, very thin. I fall inside of this perfect moment as both of these sweet creatures shower me with unconditional love and undivided attention. I relish their excitement for being together and for all the possibilities for what is next. I put on my black down jacket, which makes me happy too. It is warm and inviting and has deep pockets filled with doggie treats and of course, my signature lip stick – always lip color, my friends, always lip color for this gal. The dogs trip over themselves, and me, as we walk down the hallway of bouncing sunlight. They act as if going outside is something thrilling, highly special; something they rarely get to do. They clamber down the stairs and Lula sits and waits for me to put her leash on. I get such a kick out of that. It brings a wide childlike smile to my face and everything is right with my world. And then we are out the door – oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. The sidewalk!!!! Hooray!!!! The sniffing ensues. Lula barks at the wind. Esme ambles along, leash-less. She’s a good pup. Very well trained. I am supremely satisfied and fat with joy. I check the sky to find the left-over moon and thank the universe within me and without for my great fortune.

Gratitude Thursday Writing Prompt – Write about something or someone that sparks joy in you – a character trait, a walk on a beach, sitting at an outdoor café, your pet, a tree in your neighborhood, a piece of art on your wall, the phases of the moon outside your window…  Fall into that person, situation or object. Describe it in resplendent detail. Use all of your senses. How does joy feel in your body, your head, your heart, your soul?