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Let Manuscript Mentor be your guide for an exquisite adventure in unearthing, cultivating, remembering, and claiming your deepest best work. Shared stories carry our spirits forward.
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Writing Memoirs
You’ve had a big life and you have a unique story to tell. If it’s burning to get out, call Suze! Start writing and keep writing.

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~ Write ~ Create ~ Be Authentic ~

Searching for a mentor; craving a support system to buoy you up? Are you ready to launch the dreams and ideas rattling around your brain, scribbled in journals, or jotted on scratch paper, vibrantly onto the page, into a book, or onto the stage? Have you been yearning to cast your unique message and compelling stories into the world in a whole and beautifully scribed play, manuscript, publication, or book?

I have decades of experience as a conceptual editor, writing coach, transformation workshop leader, instructor, dramaturg, and life coach.

If you are interested in creating an authentic life as a writing artist and human being, look no further. I’m Suze Allen and I’ve been creating safe and inspiring spaces for 35 years – enriching environments both online and off where writers can find the heart of what they want to say with full access to their own longing and their muses.

I would love to be your guide for an exquisite adventure in unearthing, cultivating, remembering, and claiming your deepest best work.

Let me hold space for you to be the artist and evolutionist you are and help you manifest the spirit and tenacity of the writer you want to grow into…

You're here. You're ready. It's time.
Let's have a conversation and get started.

Suze 207-205-0636

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