Memoir Writing Workshop
Learn how to bring your life stories to the page, and share them with like-minded writers and generous listeners. Suze creates a safe space for your to tell your stories.
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Online Playwright Workshops
Moderated by Suze Allen. Meet with other playwrights once a month to share script ideas, hear them read, and participate in feedback and critique.
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Keep a journal to be inspired, healty and creative. With encourangement and writing prompts, Suze shows you how to use your journal as a tool to navigate life.
Writing Memoirs
You’ve had a big life and you have a unique story to tell. If it’s burning to get out, call Suze! Start writing and keep writing.
Legacy Writing
Life goes by so fast, how can you capture the essence of your life and leave a written family legacy? Suze can help you craft a thrilling history from letters, stories and birth certificates.

The Joys of Motherhood by Suze Allen

First Bite for Playwrights
First Tuesday Each Month

Playwrights Lab

Tuesdays 1-4pm PST
Rolling Enrollment

This weekly 3-hour online playwrights lab helps you to craft your play or solo piece.

You’ll meet with other working playwrights once a week to share script ideas, scene readings and participate in feedback and critique moderated
by Suze.

Come every week for:

3 Hours /  ongoing Tuesdays /  1-4 PST

Memoir Writing

Thursdays 1-4pm PST
6 Week Program

Shared Stories lift us up, teach us important lessons and let us know we aren’t alone in our journey. If you are working on bringing your life
story to the page, this class provides a safe space to read and get constructive coaching from Suze and feedback from your classmates.

Classes Include:

3 hours / 6-Weeks Thursdays / 1-4 PST

Coaching: Living Write Now

Life is difficult. Living Write Now offers a fairly painless way to navigate angst and confusion through writing and talking. Get real and get honest by understanding your life’s journey. Catch the patterns, the stories, and the dramas that make you who you are. What serves you? What do you need to let go of? What will free you from what is holding you back? Writing prompts and deep conversations will set you on your path to a more authentic you.


Turn Your Ideas Into Vibrant Writing

You’ve just taken a big step towards turning your dreams and ideas into effective and vibrant writing. But  you need a little help. Together we can turn your thoughts, musings, bullet-points, outlines, projects, plans or overwhelming text into real writing.

Find your central theme, capture form and structure, and unleash the passionate flow of words so you can write what you want to write.  But I don’t just edit and structure text.

I can help you overcome whatever’s in your way: fear, lack of confidence, writer’s block, dreamer’s block, overwhelming and abject procrastination. We can get whatever is important to you out of your head and onto the page. Your ideas and dreams become written reality.

Out of Your Head and onto the Page!  I will assist you in transforming your thoughts into pages, project outlines, first drafts, second drafts, and publications.  That children’s book, “how-to” book, marketing tool, workshop outline, novel, family history is all within your reach!

Write what you need to write.  I’ll show you how. As your Manuscript Mentor, I have a great track record with mentoring people to write with clarity, passion and vision.

Let’s get writing!


Writing Instructor

Writing Coach

Copy Editor



Copy Writer